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about us

About Us

Cafe Azotea Antigua Guatemala Coffee

At La Azotea we plant only the highest quality Arabica variety of coffee, under a dense, bio-diversified canopy of shade trees. Our organic pest control system coupled with advanced composting used for fertilizer make Azotea en environmentaly friendly plantation.

At harvest time our workers hand pick only the ripe red beans. These are carefully wet milled, sun dried and dry milled. Finally the processed beans are hand selected to assure quality and uniformity.

Carefully controlled roasting is done directly on the farm, eliminating any risk of degrading during transport. The roasted coffee is hand packaged, still hot, in bags with one-way valve that allows degassing and preserving of the coffee in inert carbon dioxide gas. This prevents deterioration and retains every bit of the flavor of the original coffee for you to enjoy.

Our History

La Azotea plantation was originally a farm growing an insect used in making red dye. The invention of chemical dyes eventually collapsed the conchineal industry. In 1883, doña Dominga Mont purchased the plantation and her son-in-law, don Marcelo Orive, converted it to the cultivation of coffee.

In 1908, don Marcelo’s son, don Alberto Orive, increased the size of the farm and modernized the mill. The plantation and the coffee mill are still operated by don Alberto’s grandchildren who in the year 2000 converted part of the plantation to a museum complex: Centro Cultural La Azotea. Today, “La Azotea Estate”, not only produces and processes Antigua’s finest coffee, but also hosts over 3000- tourists a month.

Coffee Museum

Exbhibits and dioramas introduce you to the history of coffee in Guatemala and explain the growing and processing of the golden bean. Walk through a working mill built in 183 and operated by a water wheel. A video show including very detailed information of all the process completes your visit. At the coffee shop located at the museum, you may taste the delicious brew made from beans grown on the plantation. Gourment coffee and handicrafts are also sold in the local shop. A nature walk through the working plantation is a "must see" during your visit to our cultural center.

Cafe Azotea Antigua Guatemala

About La Azotea

La Azotea Coffee Farm and Museums, is a well know name in Antigua Guatemala, for its high quality coffee, long time tradition and commitment to Guatemalan culture.

Contact Us

Address: Calle del Cementerio Final, Zona 3, Jocotenango, Antigua Guatemala 03001, Guatemala
Phone in GT: + 502 7832-7021
Email: shop@cafeazotea.com
Email for Cultural Center Azotea Museums only: info.centroazotea@gmail.com

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